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The Rant

Brand Toxicity!

Brand Toxicity is a reality. It sounds like something medicinal or some sort of liver defect however in the last months ,we have all seen what is probably the prime example of brand toxicity form none other than President Donald "the Donald" Trump. There are numerous instances where huge blunders were made by a brand
by Khalil El-Mouelhy • December 19, 2015
The Rant

All Inclusive Resorts

Guests that are used to luxury Hotel stays usually frown when they hear the term ” All inclusive”.

by Khalil El-Mouelhy • February 21, 2016
The Rant

Luxury Awards

I have been in this incredible industry for well over a decade and like most people involved, in whatever shape or form, in the Hospitality industry, felt that it was time for a change!

by Khalil El-Mouelhy • February 23, 2016
The Rant

Treated Like A King

Oh to be treated like a king...that sounds incredible! We have all heard this in the hospitality industry either as professionals within the sector or as guests. What I will disclose here are my personal experiences and by no means am I insinuating that all establishments are guilty of what I describe in the next paragraphs,
by Khalil El-Mouelhy • October 10, 2015
The Rant

A Surplus of luxurious Rooms

A surplus of luxurious rooms? This is something that apparently affects numerous destinations around the world. I use the word "apparently” as I do not believe in this concept. I have just returned from Bali were we held our annual Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards at the beautiful Trans Resort Bali and I heard
by Khalil El-Mouelhy • September 28, 2015
The Rant


Luxury is a word that in today’s world is suffering a lot of use and abuse. It has become so popular that you have things like luxury candy bars, luxury sport shoes and absurdities such as luxury car wash! It seems that the word "luxury" means expensive. I find that luxury is far more complex
by Khalil El-Mouelhy • September 19, 2015
The Rant

Why are accolades important?

Accolades or Awards are part of a segment of the hospitality industry for which there is still great demand despite so many new 5 star properties springing up all over the world. You must ask yourself, what truly differentiates these properties from one another? Many will say it is their level of service, some will
by Khalil El-Mouelhy • September 2, 2015

Layana Resort received the Signum Virtutis for the 3rd year

Koh Lanta, Thailand – 29 September 2015 - Distinguishing the exceptional from the very best, the 'Seven Star Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards 2015' recently held their annual ceremony at The Trans Resort in Bali, Indonesia to again recognize those who have reached the pinnacle of luxury. By the time the festivities came to a
by Khalil El-Mouelhy • October 29, 2015