Baroness Nerina Keeley is a lady of many talents.

Having studied Architectural design, she developed a passion for, and specialised in, design and project management for the Hospitality industry.

Driven by the desire to create and enhance diverse environments in order for guests to truly savor their experiences and be able to create memories to be cherished for years to come, Nerina has been involved in numerous projects around the world, such as Eden Island Seychelles, Sable Ranch Thaba khaya to name but a few.

She has also been involved with the Gauteng Tourism Authority.

Nerina has also overseen, planned and designed the 3 year development project of the 5 star Cousine Island resort Seychelles, which is ranked as one of the Top Eco destinations worldwide and is home to a very varied eco system.

Nature and conservation is something very important to Nerina and it is an aspect that is present in many of her projects, not only Cousine Island and Sable Ranch but also in one of her latest endeavors in the region of Tuscany in Italy, where she now resides.

Chiena Resort is set to become one of the top Luxury retreats in the area.

Staying true to habit, Chiena Resort maintains a perfect balance with nature and Luxury where guests will be able to experience the very best of the Tuscan region surrounded by vineyards and Olive plantations and all the most luxurious comforts and amenities of course.

Despite all the above Nerina keeps her feet firmly on the ground and is committed and dedicated to not only her business endeavors but also to charitable causes and conservation.
“The lifestyle industry is an ever increasing ever evolving industry and the only way to stay ahead of the game is to always keep the high standards and quality associated with luxury because true Luxury is always in the detail”