Doron Levy knows a thing or two about marketing brands. Starting some 25 years ago in the pharma/retail sector, he learned early on how complex marketing really is. Having worked with some of the best names in retail, Doron launched his own boutique consultancy firm.

Captus Business Consulting has worked with some of the biggest brands. Costco, Sam’s Club, Shoppers Drug Mart, Toys R Us and Bell Canada are a few of the companies that have utilized Doron’s marketing expertise.

“Marketing products to consumers is much more than just putting it in a shiny wrapper and laying it on a shelf. Understanding brand equity and presence are the hallmarks to successfully gaining market share” says Doron Levy.

Mr. Levy now brings his marketing and operations expertise to the luxury sector via TheTopTier.net, a luxury news and review website. Hosting the latest news and original content across all categories of luxury, TheTopTier.net brings you the best in luxury and affluence.

“The luxury industry has the amazing ability to withstand even the harshest economic condition.”

Doron Levy is President of TheTopTier.net Digital Media which has a portfolio of news resource and ecommerce websites.

Doron’s in depth knowledge of the Luxury Hospitality and lifestyle industry, his marketing ability together with the wide reach of www.thetoptier.net brings invaluable expertise to the Luxury Panel Of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards!

We welcome Mr Doron Levy and the Top Tier to the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards!