Fiorina Benveniste Schuler Grew up in Geneva Switzerland, with 5 languages ( French, Italian, German, Spanish and English). After graduating with an economical Baccalaureate, she then moved to London where she perused her studies in International Business and graduated with a Bachelors Degree.

Later she worked at Clarins Geneva in the field of PR & Marketing and their Charity event.
Fiorina also worked at Burberry HQ in London in the Press department* national and international).

Fiorina then moved to Paris and continued her career at “Numero Magazine” as a fashion stylist and also took care of the Editor in Chiefs charity event “Enfants du Rwanda”

She was then recruited by Karla Otto and was placed in charge of 4 luxury brands namely , Cavalli, Pucci, Notify, Lucien Pellat Fine as well as the new launch of Celine.

Since then, Fiorina started the new women’s fashion brand “Corlette”, opened a multi brand store “The Box” in St Tropez, started the men’s fashion brand “Eclectic” and she, also directs all the communications, events, magazines and shop at the Polo Club St Tropez.

Fiorina hasn’t stopped there.
Her new project, a revolutionary online platform for the fashion industry: SELEC.TO ( www.selec.to) will be l be launched in Septeber 2014

As if this was not enough to keep Fiorina busy, she has also launched the Ladies Lunch in London,a networking luncheon for women.

Last, but not least,for the past 5 years, Fiorina has organised an annual charity event for “ProAlvear” with an auction in Londn and St Tropez.

Fiorina has also worked with an independent charity called Mentor” and is now also on the board of Whitechapel.

Fiorina is a force to be reckoned with and we are delighted to have her on board as a member of the Luxury Panel Of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards.

Through her in depth knowledge of both the hospitality and lifestyle industry she is an invaluable addition that aids in inspiring emerging, as well as established, women in the world of business.