The SSLHLA Pantheon of Hospitality

Serves to acknowledge and immortalise the exceptional achievements of the few individuals that have, not only, had distinguished careers but also managed to receive a minimum of 5 Signum Virtutis awards.

The pantheon stands as a testament to these Elite Hoteliers and provides inspiration for a new generation of hospitality professionals, by raising the bar of what is possible in this amazing industry.


Induction in the SSLHLA Pantheon of Hospitality happens once in a lifetime.
Each year a maximum of 7 individuals will be inducted.

Inductees with nothing but the best

As with the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards the SSLHLA Pantheon of Hospitality will provide inductees with nothing but the best.

Inductees will receive the SSLHLA Pantheon Of Hospitality Gold Ring, detailing their name, the year they were inducted and the SSLHLA company name.

Furthermore they will be photographed by none other than Oliver Jiszda , one of Europe’s most talented and prominent photographers.

Oliver’s very distinct style is a perfect fit for the high standards of the SSLHLA and the Seven Stars Pantheon.

Each Inductee will have a permanent page on the SSLHLA website which will be visible to the thousands of visitors each year.

Dedicated publication

A dedicated publication “SSLHLA Pantheon” will circulate and post each event informing the industry regarding these outstanding individuals and their properties.

This will provide a chance for aspiring individuals within the Luxury Hospitality Industry to learn and to hear directly from the inductees of the Seven Stars Pantheon.

Coming soon: A revamped online presence that will elevate your experience!