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A Night of Elegance, at the The Ecali Club -2017 Awards

Step into the world of refined luxury as we revisit the enchanting evening of the 2017 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards. Held at the prestigious Ecali Club in Athens, Greece, on September 23rd, this was a night that epitomized sophistication and celebration.

The Ecali Club, with its rich history and legacy, provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of high-profile recognition. As we delve into the memories of the 2017 ceremony, join us in reliving the glamour and prestige that unfolded within the walls of this distinguished venue.

/ The Venue

The Ecali Club - Where Legacy Meets Luxury

The 2017 Awards Ceremony unfolded at The Ecali Club, a beacon of elegance in Athens, Greece. Established in 1971, the club has remained a symbol of excellence, attracting renowned personalities from the realms of business, academia, and culture. Its commitment to high-quality services in F&B, sports, events, and networking made it the ideal host for the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards.

As guests entered the gates of The Ecali Club, they stepped into a world where tradition met contemporary luxury. The half-century-long legacy of the club resonated with every corner, creating an ambiance that complemented the grandeur of the Awards Ceremony.

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Lofou 15,
Ekali 145 78,

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Highlights of the 2017 Awards Ceremony

The 2017 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards were not just an event; they were an expression of excellence. The agenda, featuring a Cocktail Reception, Gala Dinner, Entertainment, Award Presentations, and an After Party, reflected the diverse and celebratory nature of the occasion. Presenter Ece Vahapoğlu, a luminary in broadcasting and media, added a touch of glamour to an evening that resonated with the spirit of luxury.

Adding to the allure of the night was the captivating performance by Nina Lotsari, an opera singer and actress of international acclaim. Her lyrical vocal style, seamlessly blending with world music and jazz, elevated the entertainment quotient, making the 2017 ceremony a truly memorable experience.

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