2013 First Event
The inaugural event marked the beginning of a legacy in Marbella, Spain, hosted at the exquisite Villa Padierna Palace. This enchanting venue set the stage for a night of opulence and celebration.
2,177 Candidates
Each candidate representing the pinnacle of luxury and excellence, their outstanding achievements and contributions add an unparalleled dimension, a celebration of the very best in hospitality and lifestyle.
210 Sectors
Each sector represented a unique facet of luxury, from opulent accommodations to exquisite dining, showcasing the vast tapestry of excellence within the industry.
2,381 Winners
Each winner stood as a testament to the pinnacle of achievement within their respective domains, embodying the essence of luxury and excellence.

About Us

Introducing the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality, and Lifestyle Awards — an esteemed recognition that sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Upcoming Event

Get ready for an incredible event on October 12th 2024, hosted at the majestic Campus Principe Di Napoli in Italy

Step into a realm where brilliance meets distinction. Our Candidates through their unwavering dedication, innovative mindset, and unrivaled expertise, these visionaries have redefined the boundaries of excellence.


Meet the Visionaries,
Shaping Luxury Hospitality,
and Lifestyle

Trans Resort Bali


Indonesia, Asia


9 wins, 4 Nominations

Melia Zanzibar

Meliá Zanzibar


Zanzibar, Indian Ocean


23 wins, 9 Nominations

Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa


Mauritius, Indian Ocean


21 wins, 4 Nominations

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At SSLHLA, we weave tales of excellence, passion, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

Khalil El-Mouelhy Chairman, President & Founder

SSLHLA illuminate the path of distinction in the world of hospitality, a journey I'm honored to be part of.

Prince Massimiliano della Torre e Tasso Honorary Ambasador & Luxury Panel Member

We craft exceptional experiences, each note a commitment to excellence, each guest a cherished melody.

David Grant Thomson Luxury Panel Memeber

The SSLHLA are a testament to the art of storytelling, where page turned is a journey into magnificence.

Ece Vahapoğlu Luxury Panel Memeber

Meet the Panel

Introducing Our
Esteemed Luxury Panel

Solely comprised of accomplished individuals who have dedicated their lives to passionately shaping the realm of hospitality excellence.

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