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Embracing Excellence, Highlights from the 2020 Awards Ceremony

Welcome to a retrospective journey through the splendid moments of the 2020 Seven Stars Luxury Awards. In a year that challenged the norms, this event emerged as a beacon of celebration, recognizing excellence in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle industry.

As the world navigated unprecedented challenges in 2020, the Seven Stars Luxury Awards stood as a testament to resilience and achievement. The virtual realm transformed into a grand stage where exceptional entities were honored, and the spirit of luxury prevailed.

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A Glance Back: Numbers That Define Excellence

While our physical presence was distant, the essence of the event transcended boundaries. The online platform became our global venue, uniting nominees, winners, and viewers from around the world. In the digital realm, luxury found its home, and connections flourished in the shared appreciation of opulence.

November 19, 2020, marked a milestone in the luxury awards landscape. With 65 categories, 852 nominees, and 238 winners, the event exemplified the expansive reach of luxury across various domains. The virtual gala garnered the attention of 152 live viewers, creating a global audience for the celebration of excellence.

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