Join us on the 12th October, 2024 for the grand celebration of luxury in Napoli, Italy

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Celebrating the 12th Anniversary of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle Awards

Welcome to an evening of elegance and prestige as we celebrate the 12th Anniversary of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards. Join us in commemorating another year of excellence, where luxury intertwines with celebration. Prepare to be enchanted by an unforgettable experience set against the magnificent backdrop of Campus Principe Di Napoli.

The esteemed Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, renowned for its commitment to excellence, returns for its 12th year at the prestigious Campus Principe Di Napoli. With a rich tradition of honoring the best in the industry, this gala brings together luminaries and leaders for a memorable evening of accolades and revelry.

/ The Venue

Setting the Stage:
Campus Principe Di Napoli

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Campus Principe Di Napoli offers a captivating blend of historic charm and modern luxury. Surrounded by lush landscapes and kissed by the Italian sun, this venue exudes sophistication and elegance at every turn. Its picturesque surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable celebrations and momentous occasions.

As the chosen venue for the 12th Anniversary celebrations, Campus Principe Di Napoli sets the stage for an evening of grandeur and splendor. From the enchanting Cocktail Reception to the majestic Gala Dinner and Award Presentations, each moment unfolds amidst an ambiance of timeless beauty and refined luxury.

The Address

Via Salvatore di Giacomo,
8, 80051 Pianillo,
Agerola Italie

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