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Suat Töre

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Suat Töre, born in 1951 in Izmit, is a luminary in the field of tourism and publishing, renowned for his pioneering contributions to the industry. A graduate of İstanbul University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Suat further honed his expertise by completing the Marketing Specialization Program of Business Administration at the university’s Institute of Economics.
In 1983, Suat embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding Turkey’s first tourism publication, Focus on Turkey, marking the inception of his illustrious career. Over the years, he distinguished himself as a prolific tourism correspondent and writer for Dünya Gazetesi (Dünya Newspaper), where he spearheaded various tourism publications, including Sürmeli Magazine, Dedeman Magazine, Alanya Magazine, Bodrum Halicarnassus Magazine, and Key to Turkey.

In 1991, Suat co-founded S&M Publication Ltd., a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and enduring passion for publishing. Under his astute leadership, the company continues to publish esteemed periodicals such as New Focus Travel Magazine, MeeTurkey Alternative Tourism and MICE Magazine, Arab Turkish Travel Magazine, Focus on Travel News, and more.

A revered figure in the industry, Suat Töre serves as a consultant to numerous domestic and international tourism organizations, offering invaluable insights and guidance. His multifaceted contributions extend beyond publishing, as he has been instrumental in representing several international travel publications in Turkey since 1983, fostering global partnerships and collaborations.

Suat's dedication to the advancement of tourism is evident through his membership in esteemed organizations such as the Faculty of Economics Graduates Association, Business Administration Graduates Association, and Istanbul Skål Club, among others. As a founding member of TUYED – Turkish Tourism Writers’ Association and a member of ITWA-International Travel Writers Association and ATA-Africa Travel Association, Suat Töre continues to shape the discourse and direction of the tourism landscape.

An esteemed author, Suat Töre has penned three seminal works on Turkish tourism, including "Türkiye’de Turizm," "Üvey Evlat Turizm," and "Lafla Turizm Gemisi Yürüseydi," further cementing his legacy as a thought leader and influencer in the field.
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