Discover the Pinnacle of Luxury in the SV Collection

/ Introduction

Experience the SV Collection – Your Essential Guide to World-Class Hospitality and Unparalleled Luxury Travel

From luxury hotels and resorts to exquisite spas, world-class restaurants, prestigious airlines, and distinguished special award recipients, the SV Collection is the definitive guide for the discerning traveler and luxury connoisseur. This meticulously curated selection highlights the most exceptional hospitality establishments, each offering unparalleled experiences and services. Our goal is to entice our sophisticated audience to explore and choose from a distinguished array of elite participants, ensuring every journey is marked by excellence. With the SV Collection, travelers are assured of accessing the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, and sophistication wherever their adventures take them.

/ Why SV Collection?

Elevating the Standards of Luxury Hospitality and Redefining Excellence in Luxury Lifestyle

Why choose SV Collection? As a premium print publication, SV Collection celebrates and delves into the pinnacle of Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle worldwide.

Participants in SV Collection benefit from unparalleled brand exposure. Featured prominently in both the print edition and the dynamic digital version distributed through our extensive network—including partners, social media, and the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards database—your brand gains maximum visibility among discerning consumers.

Our content combines rich editorial features with captivating imagery, presented in an engaging format that seamlessly integrates each participant's brand, lending it an authentic and credible voice.

/ SV Collection at a Glance

Essential Details and Distribution Channels Explained


Published annually


The SV Collection is presented in A4 portrait format, meticulously crafted as a high-quality perfect-bound bookazine. It features full-color visuals, captivating imagery, and vibrant editorial content.


Available in both print and digital formats

Distribution Channels

The SV Collection reaches a discerning audience through leading five-star hotels, spas, members clubs, luxury day spas, VIP venues, prestigious salons, dental and cosmetic surgeries, business and first-class airline lounges, as well as via social media and strategic partners.

/ SSLHLA Reach

The Extensive Reach of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards

The Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards boasts a robust and expansive reach across a myriad of platforms, ensuring unparalleled visibility and deep engagement within the discerning realms of luxury hospitality and lifestyle. This influential presence spans digital and social media landscapes, effectively connecting with a diverse audience of industry professionals, enthusiasts, and consumers alike.

This expansive digital footprint underscores the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards' significant influence and authoritative presence within the industry. It stands as a premier platform not only for recognition but also for fostering invaluable networking opportunities and providing profound industry insights.

Website Reach
  • Monthly, the website attracts 52,000 page views and hosts an average of 9,400 individual users.
  • It boasts 56,000 registered voters who actively participate in recognizing excellence.
  • The platform also serves 21,000 subscribers who receive updates and insights.
  • A comprehensive database includes over 74,000 industry professionals, nominees, and winners, facilitating networking and collaboration.
  • In total, the website reaches over 151,000 individuals interested in luxury hospitality and lifestyle.
Social Media Presence
  • SSLHLA Facebook: Engages 12,000 followers with updates and highlights.
  • SSLHLA Twitter: Connects with 4,900 followers through real-time interactions.
  • SSLHLA Instagram: Captivates 2,500 followers with visual storytelling and exclusive content.
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