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Carmen Edelson

Luxury Panel Member

Carmen Edelson's journey began in Cuba before she made her way to New Jersey as a young child. In 1993, she found her home in South Florida, a place she proudly cherishes to this day.
As a distinguished travel writer and publisher, Carmen specializes in luxury and family travel experiences. Since its inception in 2013, her website,, has cultivated a devoted community of discerning readers and contributors. Her primary objective is to curate top-tier travel content that entertains, inspires, and navigates readers through their adventures, whether close to home or across distant shores.

Carmen has collaborated with esteemed hotels, restaurants, spas, tour operators, and tourism boards worldwide, ensuring her readers receive articles and visuals of the highest caliber. Her platform serves as a haven for aficionados of life's finer pleasures, fostering a unique community united by a passion for luxury experiences. With a global reach spanning thousands of readers, Carmen's Luxury Travel endeavors to transform travelers' dreams of opulent journeys into reality.
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