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Dina Aletras

Luxury Panel Member

Dina Aletras boasts over 25 years of expertise in the corporate media industry. Her career is marked by significant leadership roles and a deep understanding of growth, strategy, and revenue generation.
She has held key positions at some of the UK's most prominent publications, including The Mirror Group, where she contributed to the success of the UK's largest tabloid. Additionally, Dina served as a Director at The Independent Newspaper and The Daily Mail, further solidifying her extensive knowledge across editorial, digital media, sales, and advertising.

As the Founder of Aletra Communications & PR, Dina offers a comprehensive 360-degree turnkey solution that spans a diverse platform of client expertise. Her company specializes in luxury communications, media strategy, and public relations, leveraging her vast industry experience to deliver bespoke services to a discerning clientele. Through Aletra Communications & PR, Dina continues to shape and influence the media landscape, providing strategic insights and innovative solutions that drive success in the competitive world of luxury communications and public relations.

Dina's career is characterized by her ability to navigate and lead in the dynamic and fast-paced environment of corporate media. Her extensive background and strategic vision have not only propelled her own career but also significantly impacted the organizations she has been a part of. Her role as Head of Communications and PR at Panacap Ventures, along with her co-editor position at HUB magazine, underscores her ongoing commitment to excellence and her influential presence in the industry.
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