Born in Germany into a family with a long tradition of high precision manufacturing, for Andreas Lindner it was clear early in his life that he would become an entrepreneur himself. After finishing his PhD in business, he founded a medical company, which he sold ten years later in early 2000.

Since then he has been investing in various companies, one of which he manages himself – WorldGuide. Like a “Wikepedia” for ladies and gentlemen, WorldGuide provides sophisticated information regarding art, travel, life and style, and fascinating products around the world.

In recent years, unique software was developed and integrated into WorldGuide that downloads the estimates and results from hundreds of auction houses around the world on items from cars to watches, from Asian Art to Old Masters, from vintage Hermes Kelly bags to rare wines. By early 2015, already over 13.5 million lots were available for price information, statistics and much more.

Perhaps it is due to his production background in high precision industries that Dr. Lindner is dedicated to true quality and service beyond big names. Outside of business he is a dedicated collector in art and has been a board member in various art institutions. Besides that, he practises Qi Gong and is a great admirer of the Advaita Vedanta.