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Dr Andreas Lindner

Luxury Panel Member

Andreas Lindner, hailing from Germany, was born into a lineage steeped in the ethos of precision craftsmanship, instilling in him from an early age a profound entrepreneurial spirit. Following the completion of his doctoral studies in business, Andreas embarked on a remarkable journey that saw the founding of a pioneering medical enterprise—a venture that he later divested in the early 2000s, marking a transformative chapter in his career.
Since then, Andreas has emerged as a stalwart investor, channeling his expertise into a diverse array of ventures, notably spearheading WorldGuide—a trailblazing platform akin to a modern-day compendium of erudition, curating a wealth of insights encompassing art, travel, lifestyle, and coveted products from around the globe.

Under his stewardship, WorldGuide has undergone a paradigm shift, integrating cutting-edge software solutions that aggregate estimates and outcomes from esteemed auction houses worldwide, spanning an eclectic spectrum from vintage automobiles and horological marvels to exquisite Asian artifacts and masterpieces of yesteryears. By early 2015, the platform boasted an extensive repository of over 13.5 million lots, offering invaluable pricing insights and statistical analyses.

Andreas's unwavering commitment to excellence, rooted in his background in precision manufacturing, underscores his dedication to fostering genuine quality and personalized service, transcending mere brand recognition. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Andreas is an avid connoisseur of the arts, leveraging his expertise as a board member of various esteemed art institutions. Complementing his professional endeavors, he finds solace in the practice of Qi Gong and draws inspiration from the spiritual teachings of Advaita Vedanta, embodying a harmonious blend of intellect, creativity, and holistic well-being.
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