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Karine Lackner

Luxury Panel Member

Karine Lackner epitomizes a cosmopolitan spirit, having been born in Vienna, Austria, and nurtured in a bilingual environment at the prestigious Lycee Francais de Vienne. Her formative years were marked by a mosaic of experiences across Europe, including residencies in Monte-Carlo, St. Tropez, Greece, and Istanbul. Regular sojourns to iconic American cities like New York and Los Angeles further fueled her passion for global exploration.
At the age of 24, Karine embarked on a new chapter in life by marrying Prince Maximilian Von Thurn und Taxis, scion of Germany's esteemed princely family. Fluent in German, Italian, English, and French, Karine seamlessly navigates the intricacies of multicultural environments.

In 2002, Karine unveiled "LE CARRE D'OR – Interior Design" in Monte-Carlo, a premier destination showcasing the finest Italian luxury furniture brands, with "ARMANI CASA" at its helm. Her entrepreneurial acumen soared to new heights in 2003 with the launch of the "VERSACE Home Collection private show-room by appointment only" in Monte-Carlo's illustrious "Parc Palace." Karine's adept fusion of luxury real estate and interior design yielded remarkable success, with property sales exceeding 20 million Euros in Monte Carlo's esteemed precincts.

Relocating to Istanbul in 2009 marked a pivotal juncture in Karine's journey, culminating in her decisive move to Doha in 2011. Recognizing the burgeoning real estate market's potential, Karine strategically invested in Qatar's dynamic landscape. Sensing a growing demand among Qatari nationals for exclusive lifestyle experiences, Karine pioneered "LA CONCIERGERIE du QATAR," offering bespoke concierge services tailored to discerning clientele.

In 2014, Karine embarked on a creative venture, crafting exquisite silk caftans and artisanal handbags adorned with mother-of-pearl inserts. Her sartorial creations captivated audiences during a high-profile fashion show at IDAM, the Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. As the esteemed Ambassador of ANTARA Palace, the first Spa Palace from Cyprus, Karine continues to leave an indelible mark on Qatar's vibrant cultural landscape.
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