Miriam was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, in a multi-cultural environment. The richness in the diverse cultures her family and city offered, set her on a journey to explore her roots, whilst developing her business. “When I first left my home town, I had no idea the journey that awaited me was one of introspection and self discovery. I developed a keen interest in and understanding of self healing techniques through certain holistic practices I had learned along the way. This also allowed an authentic expression of myself professionally”

Her travels abroad lead her to discover her innate talent in architectural design and deepened passion for spa & holistic well-being. In early 2010 Shenkha began to expand internationally exposing Miriam to new markets such as Italy, the Maldives Islands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt and in numerous cities of the United Arab Emirates as well as several cities in Turkey.

Miriam comfortably works along side internationally recognized Architects, Interior Designers & Contractors , playing an integral role in the project development process as well as guiding them forward with her vision.

Her strengths are not limited to the creativity that is required in Spa Concept & Design. This is generously complimented by a strong understanding of, and extensive hands-on experience in, Spa & Wellness business development and management. “I work on every project as if it were mine to open and operate, and take into serious consideration every aspect of my clients’ investment.”
It is with this keen in-depth understanding of the core business and end user experience that clearly differentiates Miriam in her industry.