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Miriam Seferian

Luxury Panel Member

Miriam's journey began amidst the vibrant tapestry of Montreal, Canada, where she was nurtured in a milieu of cultural diversity. Immersed in this rich mosaic of traditions, she embarked on a quest to unearth her heritage while forging her path in the business realm. "Leaving my hometown was a catalyst for profound introspection and self-discovery. Along the way, I delved into holistic practices that illuminated my journey towards self-healing, fostering an authentic professional expression."
Her global odyssey unveiled a latent talent for architectural design and ignited a fervent devotion to spa and holistic well-being. In the early 2010s, Shenkha expanded its horizons internationally, propelling Miriam into dynamic markets across Italy, the Maldives Islands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, multiple cities in the United Arab Emirates, and various locales in Turkey.

Miriam seamlessly collaborates with internationally acclaimed architects, interior designers, and contractors, assuming a pivotal role in the project development lifecycle while infusing each endeavor with her visionary zeal.

Her prowess extends beyond the realms of spa concept and design, encompassing a profound comprehension and extensive hands-on involvement in spa and wellness business development and management. "I approach every project with a sense of proprietorship, meticulously considering every facet of my clients' investment."

It is Miriam's nuanced understanding of core business dynamics and unwavering focus on the end-user experience that sets her apart as an industry luminary, guiding her towards unparalleled excellence.
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