From opening one of the most exclusive nightclubs in India to producing movies, N Preetham Reddy has done it all.

A young entrepreneur educated in the USA with interests around the world in Hotels, nightclubs as well as resto bars and of course one of his latest ventures, the N convention, a unique multimillion dollar convention hall in the Hyderabad city center, he has become a true connoisseur of lifestyle.

Preetham is a valuable addition to our Luxury Panel and provides essential expert advice to the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards. When asked which one of his achievements he is most proud of he answers without hesitation…” my baby boy Deva and my family” Preetham’s interests are many but one of his greatest passions and also an area where he has great expertise in, is the luxury car industry.

“Lifestyle has now become such an essential part of the travel industry that, to be labeled as one of the leaders in this trend is not only a great achievement but it is slowly becoming a necessity in order for both properties and products to not only hold on to, but also increase their market share”