Nir Peretz
is a serial Entrepreneur with an extensive knowledge in hospitality, global manufacturing and property development. He has leveraged his knowledge of fine hotels, appreciation of good design, innovation and became a mastermind behind some of the most iconic developments in our modern time. One of his most successful venture’s – is a luxury hotel “Hanging Gardens of Bali”, that has been named the “World’s First Seven Stars Boutique Hotel”. The portfolio also features ventures that include International award-winning properties, hotels, shopping malls and a commercial building.

Starting to trade in London in 1985, he has built up an excellent reputation and International company that primarily was one of the most successful building material supplier in the region.

A long-term foreign resident of Indonesia, a developer and owner of 2 highly successful properties including the world-renowned Hanging Gardens of Bali and the equally superb Nandini jungle resort.

“I am honoured to be inducted in the Seven Stars Pantheon of Hospitality. It is a recognition of, not only, my efforts but those of my exceptional team and our shared vision to consistently strive to raise the bar of what luxury hospitality is meant to be”